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InfoBar solves a HUGE problem – getting your visitors attention and engaging them into taking action.

Usually, Getting Your Visitors Attention Is Hard! InfoBar solves that problem.

Ask yourself….

  • Do you struggle with getting your visitors to do what YOU want them to do?
  • Are you fed up with fact that hardly no one ever clicks on your affiliates links and banners?
  • Do you wish there was a simpler way to get people to click on your links and buy from you?

InfoBar is the answer to all of these problems.

Successful Online Businesses Use Notification Bars Every Day!

  • Notification bars are a common feature of modern websites and users are trained to react to them
  • Think of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or even Facebook notifications…they all grab your attention
  • If you aren’t using notification bars, you are missing out

You Must Have Seen Notification Bars On Facebook, Youtube And Chrome

If you aren’t familiar with those, a notification bar is a kind of popup bar that appears right at the top of your visitors screen.

For instance, check out the examples of how Facebook, Youtube and Google Chrome use notification bars to influence and direct user behaviour.

You have certainly seen infobars on hundreds of websites online, including Twitter, the WarriorForum, Themeforest and more.

The bottom line is: they work….

….and nothing makes more compelling, conversion boosting notifications than InfoBar.

Built from the bottom up for Digital Marketers

Powerful interface and smart targeting

Gorgeous WordPress-Friendly Interface

Coded to the latest WordPress 4 standards, Infobar is a pleasure to work with. From the dashboard easily choose where, when and how you want your infobar to appear.

Innovative Drag-And-Drop Editor

Create and preview your infobars in real-time thanks to the WYSIWYG editor. Customize background and text colors, add icons, buttons and animations, and create as many variants as you wish.

Laser-Focused Targeting

Display your infobars to all your visitors, or target specific users based on pre-defined behaviors.

100% Responsive, Built For Mobile And Tablets

InfoBar is 100% mobile responsive and works beautifully on mobile phones and tablets.

Grab Your Visitors Attention

Eye-catching notification bars the easy way!

Easy WYSIWYG Editor

60 High Resolution Built-In Icons

Make your infobars stand out with 60 integrated high definition icons to fit any case scenarios. These icons include Facebook and Twitter logos, stop and warnings signs, notification icons and even smileys!

13 Font Awesome Animations

Make your infobar stand out and capture your visitors attention using beautiful and eye-catching animated icons.

Add gradients, buttons and customize everything

You can even create highly engaging call to action buttons, with completely custom designs, styles, backgrounds and more….all done with “point and click” simplicity in the InfoBar editor.

24 Built-in Templates For Every Occasion

Don’t worry about having to create a slick looking InfoBar on your own….InfoBar comes with 24  ready to go, high converting proven templates that work for any marketing scenario. Each of them is just 1 click away.

Analytics And Split Testing

Create Multiple Variants And Pick The Best Converting Offer

Infobar has a fully featured analytics and split-testing panel so that you can find out what works the best and drive the most traffic to your offers.

Built-In Conversion Analytics

Wonder which Infobar convert the best? With the built-in analytics panel, track clicks and conversions for each of your infobar variants for any given periods. This ensures that you make the most profits possible from your visitors!

Fully Loaded With Amazing Features!

  • Wordpress 4 ready

    Simply upload the Infobar plugin to WordPress, activate and you’re done!

  • WYSIWYG editor

    Create unlimited infobar variants the easy way thanks to the visual editor.

  • Innovative technology

    The Infobar unique feature set makes it a must-have for digital marketers.

  • Customize everything

    Add background gradients, customize colors and upload images.

  • Advanced targeting

    Target users by page views, seconds on the page, number of sessions and more.

  • Analytics

    Track your infobars traffic and Click-Through Rates and optimize conversions.

  • Mobile friendly

    Responsive technology: display perfectly on mobiles and tablets.

  • 60 Day Guarantee

    Try it 100% risk-free for 60 days with our 60 day money back guarantee.

  • Unlimited campaigns

    Run unlimited Infobar campaigns and promote offers simultaneously.

  • Minimize or close

    Let your visitor either choose to close or minimize your infobars.

  • Limited offer

    This special discount offer for Infobar will close on December 21st.

  • YMB Support

    This plugin has been developed and fully supported by YMB Properties.

Exclusive Strategy Guide And Fully Featured Training

Not only do we give you a detailed training manual and training videos on how to use InfoBar, we also include our Strategy Guide on how best to use InfoBar in your own marketing.

Remember, we built this tool for our own business and use it every day. We know what works, and we share it with you in this guide.

What REAL People Say About InfoBar

Rotation,split testing and analytics built in is an awesome way to see what resonates best with my site visitors and particular post readers.

It’s a great way to direct the readers of a particular post to what they want instead of just guessing. It will definitely help to save a lot of time and improve conversions.”

– Alex,

I’ve tried installing other notification bar scripts on both Wordpress and Non-Wordpress sites with moderate success. It is very eye-catching and draws the readers attention directly to the call-to-action. The problem with other scripts though, is that free versions contain watermarks and paid versions are rather expensive compared to the value I get with InfobarWP.

– Kayol,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ Is there training videos or how to info after purchase?
A/ Yes inside the members area you will find all the documentation, including video tutorials, a instruction guide and a strategy guide (both PDFs).

Q/ Do you have a discount for existing infobar users?
A/ It’s actually FREE for existing users! Simply email us at with a proof of purchase

Q/ Can you put different infobars on the same website but on different pages?
A/ Yes you can create unlimited campaigns running at the same time on the same website, and on different pages and posts at the same time.

Q/ How many sites can I install this on?
A/ You can install Infobar on an unlimited number of sites you own!